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About oura light construction

A Light Construction Co.,Ltd Qualifications:

(1) Speciality

It only has the comprehensive professional company from stone planning design , site construction and maintenance in Myanmar.

A Light Construction Co.,Ltd. import the stone professional planning ability of Taiwan, has the stone construction ability of the actual construction of a big development project ,shopping mall and the luxury. And to be the sole agent for professional stone maintenance and beauty potions of Singapore mCARE LAB company , and has been successfully break into Myanmar market.

A Light Construction Co.,Ltd. also has the stone engineering experts from planning, construction to the follow-up maintenance , can solve the problems of all stone projects for client with comprehensive treatment and integrated considerations.


The stone material of a stable source of supply , a good store and sale control and the cooperation of the construction site schedule.

A Light Construction Co.,Ltd. has the source of stone construction materials ,collocate stone secondary processing plant for processing customization , so can fully grasp the shipment, temporarily set and processing of all kind of stone materials to meet the demand of the construction schedule.

A Light Construction Co.,Ltd. understand the client entrust is our responsibility, and we will have the professionals from the origin of replenish onr’s stock until the end of project, proactive planned schedule management and interface coordinations, so it will be important key to let the project proceed smoothly.


Have pratical experience of professional gangs, attaches great importance to construction link , the durability of the reinforced stone after installation.

A Light Construction Co.,Ltd. have stone professional construction technicist introduced by Taiwan led the domestic gangs ,to let Myanmar stone engineering technical upgrading and take root. On all links in engineering not to relax , even include stone dry construction fasteners.

A Light Construction Co.,Ltd. believe that both each steadfast step and attaches great importance to the quality of the spirit can make our clients completely trust and confidence.

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