SCL Color Enhancer Sealer

SCL COLOR ENHANCER SEALER is a Single Component sealer designed to enhance any fading natural stones that required a vibrant & enriched color.

Benefitsof SCL-olor Enhancer Sealers:

It adds vibrant color to the fading stone and it does not form a coating. At the same time effectively prevent water-based fluids from entering into the porous stone.
It can be used at external area that are exposed to UV light.
SCL Clear Enhancer Sealer is an ideal product to apply and cover-up soap scum streak mark (i.e. whitish mark) commonly seen on bathroom shower’s wall.

Application on the type of stones:

Suitable to use on all types of rough and polished surface stone and other porous materials that can absorb the sealer.

Direction to use:

Dab the sealer on a dry paper towel. Rub the sealer in a circular motion.
Allow at least 10 minutes interval before you apply a second coat if the stone is still fading.
You required only one coat if the first application is satisfactory.
Take another piece of clean paper towel to wipe off the excessive sealer thoroughly till the surface does not stain your hand.

Our standard available color: Clear, Black & Brown
Other Colors: upon request

Available packing size: 500ml / 1-litre

Test a small area first.
Do not apply on bathroom’s floor. It caused slipperiness.
For external area when apply, be sure that the excessive sealer is immediately wipe off thoroughly to prevent slipperiness.


Keep away from heat, sparks and open flames
Keep out of Reach of Children
Pregnant woman should avoid using this product.

Purchasers are required to test the suitability of the product for their intended use. A Light Construction Ltd makes no warranty, expressed or implied on the products and the effects. A Light Construction Ltd shall not responsible for any risks or liabilities, direct, indirect or consequential arising out of the used or the inability to use the product.


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