SCL EPOXY SEALER #800 Component A + B

SCL Epoxy Sealer #800 is a Two-Components Sealer. It was formulated with Bisphenol A resin added with a reactive diluent to give a lower viscosity to penetrate into crack lines and open veins which help to reduce rejection rate of undesirable stones.

SCL Epoxy Sealer #800 has a higher viscosity than SCL Epoxy Sealer #300.
SCL Epoxy Sealer #800 has a lower viscosity than SCL Epoxy Sealer #1000.

Application on the type of stones:


Reduce visibilities of cracks, holes, open veins and reduce rejection rate of undesirable stones.
Ideal to use as an adhesive to glue 2 pieces of stone together.
Ideal to coat on pebbles stone to eliminate cement haze and it gives a shiny surface.
It has a harder properties and a faster curing time than Epoxy Sealer #300.

Applicable on most types of marble and granite. However, it is not advisable to apply SCL
Epoxy Sealers on Limestone and pure white color marble.

Direction to use:

The stone has to be dry for at least 24 to 48 hours after grinding.
Mix 100grams of Component A to 50grams of Component B will dry within 24 to 36 hours.
Once both Component A & Component B are mixed together, stirred them well and immediately apply Epoxy Sealer #1000 onto the marble/granite surface.
Use a thin metal/acrylic plate to spread the Epoxy Sealer onto the stone surface in a thin layer.
Only mix a small portion at any one time to allow enough time to spread the Epoxy Sealer
evenly onto the stone surface before the balance Sealer gel-up in the bowl.
Between 20 minutes to 30 minutes after 1st coat of application, you are allowed to apply a 2nd coat to ensure all holes are properly filled.
Wait for the Epoxy Sealer to dry thoroughly before polishing. The resins will cure and harden after 24 to 36 hours at temperature of 250C (77F). The resins will not cure under 100C to 150C (50F to 59F).

Important notes:

Close the cap tight when the product is not use.
This product is intended for professional use only.
Recommended weight of the floor polishing machine is between 60kg to 80kg and running at 175rpm.

Available packing size:
Small set – Part A: 900gram and Part B: 450gram. Total weight: 1.35kg/set
Medium set – Part A: 3.3kg and Part B: 1.7kg Total weight: 5kg/set
Approximate Coverage: 1.35 kg/set covers 40m2 to 50m2


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