SCL Marble Polishing Powder is a unique blend of polishing powder designed to bring back luster of a dull marble surface.

Application on the type of stones:

Recommend for weekly or periodic maintenance to maintain the marble surface luster.
Ideal to remove dull spot and etched mark.

Polishing Procedures:

Place one table spoon of SCL Marble Polishing Powder onto the marble floor.
Place the polishing machine on top of the powder before begin working with the machine.
A “3M” RED polishing pad is recommended.
Add only enough water so that the circular pattern left by the slurry is visible.
Polished the slurry about 8 to12 passes to obtain shine. Number of passes shall depend on the floor condition.
After polishing the entire marble floor, rinse the floor with SCL Stoneclean.
Continue to mop the floor with SCL Stoneclean for the next 10 days to prevent efflorescence.

Approximate Coverage: 1-kg covers 40m2 to 50m2
Available packing size: 1-kg / 5-kg / 20-kg
Color available: White

Important Note:

This product is intended for professional use only.
Recommended weight of the floor polishing machine is between 55kg to 65kg and running at 175rpm.
A badly worn dull marble surface needs the professional’s diamond polishing.


Cover all surfaces that are not stone.
Always test a small area first to familiarize with the product before working on a bigger area.

First Aids:

If contacted with eyes, wash the affected area with plenty of water and call for a physician.
Wash hands thoroughly before mealtime.
Keep out of reach of Children

Purchasers are required to test the suitability of the product for their intended use. A Light Construction Ltd makes no warranty, expressed or implied on the products and the effects. A Light Construction Ltd shall not responsible for any risks or liabilities, direct, indirect or consequential arising out of the used or the inability to use the product.


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