SCL Stain-X Penetrating Sealer

SCL STAIN-X Penetrating Sealer is a ready-to-use solvent-based repellent sealer. Its formulated resins penetrate and deposit into the microscopic interior structure of the stone, thereby reducing its pore size. This resistant action prevents dirt, water and oil fluids from entering into the porous stone.

Application on the type of stones:

Ride the resins to penetrate faster and deeper than most of the water-based sealer.
Resins coat the individual microscopic pores’ structure and reduce the pore size thereby retains the vapor transmission of the stones.
Give a hydrophobic and oil-phobic treatment.
Will not change the colour texture of a polished surface marble and granite.

Application on the type of stone:

Bottom, top and all edges of the stone.
Suitable to apply on all type of natural stones such as marble, granite, sandstone, pebble stone, cobble stone, slate and all other porous materials.
Ideal to apply on kitchen counter-tops, bathroom vanity tops, driveways and all external pavements.

Direction to use:

Clean the top surface of the stone with either SCL Neutral Clean (pH7.0) or SCL Stoneclean to remove all dust, dirt and soils prior to application.
Allow the stone to dry for at least 12 hours before applying STAIN-X sealer.
Allow 30 minutes in between coat is preferred. When applying Stain-X sealer on a polished stone surface, wipe off the excess resins with a dry clean cloth almost immediately (i.e. stone surface is 50% dry) after sealer application. At any one time, apply Stain-X sealer in small area to give enough time to wipe off the excessive resins. Wiping or Buffing is not required when Stain-X sealer is applied on rough texture stone.
Refrain the surface to contact with water (i.e. washing & mopping) for the next 48 hours. Walking on the surface is almost immediate.
Generally, one coat is sufficient for polished surface stone and two (2) or more coat of SCL-Stain X penetrating sealer shall depend on the porosity of the stone.

Approximate coverage for polished marble and granite flooring:
One litre covers approx. 500 sq.ft.
Actual coverage shall depend on the porosity of the stone.

Approximate coverage for rough texture granite:
One litre covers approx. 250 sq.ft. to 350 sq.ft.
Actual coverage shall depend on the porosity of the stone.

Available packing size: 1-litre / 3.8-litres / 20-litres
Available export packing size: 1-litre / 3.8-litres / 20-litres


Test a small area first.
Do not apply on polished surface limestone.
Avoid using High pressure-jet washing method to clean the stone as high pressure-jet will reduce the sealer’s performance and effectiveness of the penetrating sealer.
Applying SCL Stain-X penetrating sealer on a marble surface does not make the marble surface become acid resistance.


Keep away from heat, sparks and open flames
Keep out of Reach of Children
Pregnant woman should avoid using this product.

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