SCL-RA2 Part A and Part B is designed to mix with SCL-DPP Poultice Powder to remove oxidation stain on flamed finished and polished surface granite.

Application on the type of stones:

Does not require a polish if use on polished surface granite.

Required a severe polishing when apply on Metamorphic marble.

Available packing size for RA2 chemicals: 1-litre / 25-litres
Available packing size for DPP Poultice Powder: 400 grams / 5kg / 10kg
5kg and 10kg are pack in carton boxes.

Approximate coverage for 1.0sq.ft.
150ml of SCL-RA2 Part A + 150ml of SCL-RA2 Part B + 125grams of SCL-DPP Poultice Powder.

Poultice Procedures:
Step 1. Remove topical coating, (if any).
If a thin film of coating is noted, removed with SCL-XY stripper before poultice. Otherwise, you are poulticing on the wax coating.

Step 2. Prepare the poultice.
Mix SCL-RA2 Part A with SCL-RA2 Part B equal ratio in a plastic disposable bowl. Slowly add in SCL-DPP Poultice Powder into the solution to make it a paste using a plastic spatula.

Step 3. Apply the poultice.
Carefully apply the poultice(i.e. the paste) to the stained area. Not too thin, generally about 1/4 inch thick is sufficient for most stains.

Step 4. Cover the poultice.
Cover the poultice with a clear thin transparent plastic sheet or a plastic food wrap. Tape the poultice with a low adhesive paper masking tape.

Step 5. Remove the poultice.
Remove the poultice after 48 hours. Dispose them in a plastic bag. If the stain is lightened, you possibly need a second attempt. Clean the residues of the poultice with SCL-STONECLEAN or SCL-STONEMIST.

Important Notes:

  • RA2 Part A is not allowed to mix with SCL-PPP Poultice Powder.
  • Never use RA2 Part B chemical on Limestone & polished marble.
  • Put on gloves while handling this product.
  • Put on half-faced respiratory mask when you are applying SCL RA2 chemical in an enclosed area.
  • Disposed this chemical properly according to manufacturer advice.

Purchasers are required to test the suitability of the product for their intended use. A Light Construction Ltd makes no warranty, expressed or implied on the products and the effects. A Light Construction Ltd shall not responsible for any risks or liabilities, direct, indirect or consequential arising out of the used or the inability to use the product.


yellowing / oxidation occurs on polished surface granite


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